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Why do we love our pets?

Irrespective of having a dog as a pet, a cat, a hamster, a parrot, a goldfish, a tortoise, a lizard, a snake, a horse or a cow, there a humans among us who love their pets as much (or, even more) than their fellow men.

How comes?




Are you in a Relation with Peter Pan? The Wendy Syndrome

Peter Pan and Wendy 1

Psychologist Dan Kiley, who defined ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ in 1983, also used the term ‘Wendy Syndrome’ to describe women who act like mothers with their partners or people close to them. Wendy is the woman behind Peter Pan. She is that someone who deals with the things Peter Pan doesn’t do, in order for him to “survive”.

She is the one making every decision, taking on all of “Peter Pan’s” responsibilities, and so, she justifies his unreliability. She is the overprotecting mother prototype. Both “Peter Pan” and “Wendy” do not acknowledge that they are having a problem, they aren’t aware of it. The only solution for it is psychological treatment, not only centered on the person, but also on the partner and the family. Read the rest of this entry »


Rope Twisted Heart



6 wrong ideas about durable relationships

ID-100169955 true love

Many of us have a false image about what love and a (good) relationship should be like. We saw many Disney cartoons and many Hollywood movies, which taught us how the perfect relationship should look like. If the relationship is not perfect, we should discard it and immediately look for the right one. Read the rest of this entry »


Why regular physical activity is so good for you

Couple stretching Ambro

Author: Crys

Some of us have a vague idea how regular physical activity can improve not only our „body shape“, but the overall health.

A couple of hours ago, while I was lining up in a grocery store, there was this guy, in his early 20s, standing behind me and lecturing his girlfriend about „fitness and related stuff”. Having to listen to his lecture for couple of minutes – it was just my fault because I forgot to grab my headphones from home – I’ve not only realized that this guy’s aim was only his girlfriend’s shape, but not all of us are aware of the key importance of the physical activity.

The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. Why? I will only mention a few of them.

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Animal equality a.k.a. Veganism – a new way of living?

Veganism is a controversial matter. Some of us state is not healthy, nor logical to change one’s diet over night, the others scream as loud as they can: we care about the animals, that’s why we are vegan!

Where lies the truth?

Nobody knows the absolute truth about anything. We have our opinions based on our experiences. Based on our education, environment, our feelings. Everyone think they are objective, when it comes to certain subjects. But are we?

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Is raw vegan diet such a healthy choice? (Part II)


Author: Crys 

Read more about the vegan diet here: Raw vegan diet – does it work for everyone? (Part I)

After an extended period of research regarding the raw vegan diet, I found a couple of honest vegan advocates, talking about the potential nutritional shortfalls and also the dietary recommendations for an optimal health.

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Nonverbal communication: 2. Voice

girls talking

The voice is a very important part of the nonverbal communication. Each time we speak, our voice tells the others something about us: gender, emotional state, our relationship with the person we are talking to, age, background, origin, level of education and so on. These data are included in small fragments of speech, that can be read remarkable accurate. We encode information about ourselves when we speak, the others decode this information (as well as they can).

Beware of persons whose bellies do not move when they laugh. — Chinese Proverb

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Poll – Which lullaby would you choose for your child?

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The 7 main health benefits of walnuts!


Author: Crys

You might have heard that they have a bad reputation for being way too high in fat, but the truth is that nuts, especially walnuts, are a powerhouse of nutrition. Walnuts are fully loaded with fiber, healthy nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. Best of all – they contain minimal carbohydrates.

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