Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Activity suggestions for unemployed or self-employed people


Many of us can’t stand the idea of being employed in a big corporation, in a small office, doing the whole day what one is supposed to do, not what one likes to do, anymore. Some of us would gladly do that, but they can not find a job. We all need money in order to survive, at least now, as long as we have to pay for electricity, telecommunications and other services.

If you are jobless and you don’t find something to be paid for, or self-employed and you’re not doing quite well now, here are some suggestions of what you could do:

1. If you are a trained professional, you could practice some health-care jobs, such as: home-based physician and radiologist, medical transcriptionist, registered nurse.

2 Computer software engineer, computer scientist, programmer and systems administer. Just joking, I know you don’t need me to tell you that!

3. Painter, designer, artist, jeweler, tailor, shoemaker, photographer, graphic designer, architect (and much more). These professions require a special talent in handcraft and artistic creativity. If you don’t have it, skip to the next suggestion.

4. Translator, interpreter, editor, novelist. You’ll need of course, writing skills and patience. You could also start with a blog. You could register on or and find translation customers asap.

5. If you have good people skills and patience you could be a baby sitter or nurse for the elderly.

6. Cosmetician, personal fashion adviser, MLM sales person. You would need people skills and sales experience, as well.

7. Housekeeper, shopper, home cook – for these activities you will need endurance and application.

8. If mathematics was your best friend in school and you like laws and working with the authorities: tax preparer is the right at-home job for you!

9. Farmer – if you are willing to become a farmer, you are my hero! This means you are loving the environment, you are in harmony with nature and you like animals.

10.  This is for you to fill out! You know best what you can do with great satisfaction and talent. Don’t waste your time anymore, do what you are supposed to and what you love to!

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