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Animal equality a.k.a. Veganism – a new way of living?

Veganism is a controversial matter. Some of us state is not healthy, nor logical to change one’s diet over night, the others scream as loud as they can: we care about the animals, that’s why we are vegan!

Where lies the truth?

Nobody knows the absolute truth about anything. We have our opinions based on our experiences. Based on our education, environment, our feelings. Everyone think they are objective, when it comes to certain subjects. But are we?

Fist of all, I have to say that I am a vegetarian. My husband is not, neither is my daughter. As I told you before, I don’t know the absolute truth, this is why I am not taking a chance in changing my daughter’s diet. I can not control the outcome. So, I don’t.

What I can control is the way I eat and I feel about veganism and animals.

I have a pet, a dog, which I love very much. I believe that animals, especially dogs are very kind creatures, standing helpless before us and trusting us with their lives. I would never eat my dog. If I had a cat, I wouldn’t eat my cat either. I think, many of us are not eating their pets. At least I hope so.

Why should I eat a chicken? Is a chicken’s life less worth than a dog’s life? Is a cow’s life less worth than a chicken’s life or o cat’s life? Who is to say which animals we can eat or not?

If suddenly aliens would arrive on Earth and decide that the best food for themselves was us, how would we feel? How would we feel if our children were sacrificed on Eastern? If we were stuffed on Thanksgiving? Prepared on a cooking show? If the human females were milked every day and their milk would be served to the higher species?

Maybe, some of us can get comfort in the thought that we are more intelligent than the cows and the chickens, but I am sure that if I were tortured by a 100 times more intelligent being, I would still suffer as hell.



I wouldn’t want to see my skin as a bag or a pair of shoes, neither getting my hair pulled out and used for a nice coat. So, I am not buying any leather products anymore. I have some, I didn’t throw them away, because I think this would be disrespectful. The animals are already dead. But I am not doing it anymore and I certainly do not encourage that.

After each rain, my daughter is looking for lost snails, in order to get them out of the way and not be tramped over by walkers. She also tries not to step on bugs. I think, this is what we can do for our fellow Earthlings. Respect their lives.  And if we have to take their lives (I am thinking now at the people living at the North Pole: they do not have anything else to eat. It would be their lives against the animal’s lives.) to be sure that we are not wasting it and we are thankful for it.

This is my road to fairness against animals. I am trying to make the right choices. Everyone does. I wish you Good luck on your journey in finding the absolute truth!

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