Saturday, October 23, 2021

Hair removal – why and how?

Hair removal is practiced all over the world, for several reasons: sexual, cultural, medical and even religious. It seems that people have been practicing this ritual for too many years now, to be more specific since Neolithic (the New Stone Age – about 10.000 BC). Waw!

The most common method of all is shaving, but this one is adjudicated by men. Hm, what’s new? We have to struggle with the painful methods, or do we?

As I said before, the most common method of all is shaving. No pain, but, no lasting effect, either!

Waxing is another very efficient method, painful, yet lasting.

Hair removal products (creams, powder and such) don’t ache, but they can hurt the skin. The effect doesn’t last more than 2-3 days.

Sugaring: hair is removed by applying a sugar paste to the skin and removed in the direction of hair growth.

A “new” ancient method is Threading (also called fatlah or khite in Arabic, or band in Persian) in which a twisted thread catches hairs as it is rolled across the skin)This method seems to be the best of all, if you can succeed in performing it. Less pain, no chemicals injuring your skin, lasting effect (up to 6 weeks). Using only a piece of sewing cotton, no longer than 1 m, and your dexterity, you can remove unwanted hair from all over your body. Here, a video explaining very well how it is done. Enjoy!


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