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What is this site about?

This site was created especially for women from all over the world, but not only for them. The articles are meant to help anyone to grow, to find a balance in her life, to have fun and stay connected. Enjoy it and share!

How can women help other women? Debate about women’s rights.

The women from the developed countries have managed to occupy in the last 50-60 years key positions in all activity domains:  medicine, science, education, politics, management etc. They changed their status from mother and housewife to teacher, doctor, police woman, manager. They have gained the freedom to give birth to children, to take care of them, to work and to have a career. But in their pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, most of them lost something on the way. Many women are either good mothers and housewives, but forgot how to love their husbands and be attractive, or good managers and so called divas, but with no spare time for their children … and so on.  Emancipated women lost the men on their way to perfection. They forgot to ask for their help and assistance.  The burden of a woman’s life has to be shared with someone. The male partner, the father of her children. This life shouldn’t be about a fight or competition against the men, but more a cooperation with the man, meant to lead to a good living, prosperity and happiness. A race for perfection is not a smart thing to do, because our time on this earth is limited, and so is our youth. We can’t spend our whole energy trying to prove we are at least as good as men. We are. At least. A woman’s life has to be full of love and balance. She has to bring joy and love in her family. She is the connection between the families and the family members.

But, what is to be done, if a woman lives in underdeveloped country? What if a woman has no luck and her husband and his family look at her as if she was a good, a piece of meat, which can be disposed of? For instance:  women from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan … These women have limited access to information, education, have almost nobody to help them. There are some organizations in these countries, but they face different problems like:  laws, authorities, men. How can we help these women? Besides direct help (education, law protection, money) for the girls and young women, I think it is very important to educate the elderly women, too. The mothers of the men. And of course, the men. How can this be done? If you managed to read this article, women from across the world, tell us:  how can we help you? 


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What is this site about? This site was created especially for women from all over the world, but not only for them.

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