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How much time can you spend with your children?

How much time can you spend with your children? Are you a working parent, maybe single, too? I recently read about a person’s goals, and one of them was „spending 10 hours per week with your child”. This should come naturally, we shouldn’t have to plan it, don’t you agree?

Our children need us. They need our attention. It is a part of their growing up and learning about the world and the life. The animals don’t question their duty to feed their young and to teach them how to hunt. Likewise, we shouldn’t forget what our life is really about: our children and us. They carry our genes, they are a better „us”. They are our most precious investment in the future, therefor we have to spend enough time with our children in order to teach them everything and beyond.

Easy to say, but hard to do, right?

What are the most important things a parent should carry in mind regarding his children?

First of all: You should be caring and tender with your children. Don’t lose your temper even if they are getting on your nervs, even if they are doing for the hundredth time the same annoying thing you told them not to do! Don’t schout at them! My almost 2 years old daughter is taking her swaddlers off and she throws them on the floor. Even if they are full of …

Or she takes the fresh meal that I just cooked for her and throws it to the dog. I have to look at the bright side of that: the dog feels loved and accepted.

Second: Be patient with your children. They need time, like everybody else to learn certain things. They need practice. And the most important of all: they need praise if they do it right. Don’t wonder to much about it, if your child is already 2 years old and doesn’t speak. Practice the articulation with her (him).

Third: Respect them! Don’t treat them as if they were your … slaves. Everybody, every being needs respect. Even animals. Why shouldn’t we treat our own children with respect? If they want to do a certain thing, which is not bad for them, but you would prefer to do something else, try to find a solution, which is good for them and for you. Solve the problem, like you would surely try to solve it, if you worked in a big company, rewarding you with a fat check. Your children reward you with their hapiness and love, which is more important than anything. Money can’t buy that.

Fourth: Consistency and firmness are very important for your children’s education. They can not be convinced that something has to be done, if we sometimes do it and sometimes skip it. Rules are important, too. We must follow rules, if we want to survive. As adults, if we don’t, we get punished, we can go to jail or even die. Our children must know that or bear the consequences. Thus: no more computer next time, or visiting a friend or …

At last, but not least: Be there for them! Don’t forget them in the kindergarten, don’t leave them alone in front of the TV, computer etc. Don’t rush back to work, in order not to miss your career. Let them open themselves to you about their needs, dreams, feelings. If you don’t want to be “surprised” with drog addictions, alcoholism, aggressivity, or else …

Well, how much time should we spend with our children? How much we can and so much they need. Everything should come second.

What do you think about this?


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