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Law of Attraction – The secret to attract love and balance into your life

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Most of us (if not everyone) wish to find the „true love”. How can I find true love, you may ask. It is doable. You just have to wish hard for it and follow a few steps.

Step one: Imagine your life full of love and passion

Use the images that always impressed you and made you long for that particular kind of feeling. Then, imagine that this love is yours. Feel it, imagine how you’re live will be, full of love and passion. Don’t be afraid to imagine particularities like: eye color, height, hair color and texture, smell. Don’t ask yourself if you are „good enough” to get what you are wishing for. You are. Everyone is.

Step two: Ask for it

Ask God for it. Ask yourself for it. Don’t be afraid to get it. But be aware of what you wish, because your wish can come true. Don’t be negative when you are asking for love. For example, don’t wish “not to be overseen” or “not to be neglected”. Instead, wish to be seen for the person you truly are and loved for the very same reason.

Step three: Believe it’s already yours

Act like you already found your dream partner. Fell him, smell him and imagine what you will feel like, when he will be around. Imagine how you will feel for him and how he will return your love. If a relative of yours will tell you at a wedding for the 100th time „You are next!” be grateful and happy, and do agree with all your heart. If you are alone at a party, don’t be sad. You should know it’s just a matter of time, until this situation will be completely different.

Step four: Let it “cook”

After you discovered what you are looking for, take a break. Don’t give up your dream, but do also other things. Don’t forget to take care of you, meet your friends, have fun, study, do the things you always liked to do, and in your heart, feel that all these will only make your wish come true.

Step five: Receive your wish (accept it)

Finally the person you are looking for will arrive into your life. It will be simple like that. He will immediately show an interest in you, you will instantly understand that he is the one. There will be no doubts, whatsoever. There will be no problems. It will be only what you have imagined and wished for. Now it is very important to accept your gift. Don’t be afraid, don’t ask yourself if there is a catch. Only your mind can stand in the way of your happiness. Accept the person.

Step six: Be grateful for what you have and what you’ve received

This way, you won’t lose it. Many people are not prepared to get what they want. Because after getting what you wished for, you also have to keep it. This means effort on your side. Be grateful and happy, make your partner feel your love and enjoy your life. You truly deserve it.

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