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Anger Management – 10 easy techniques to calm yourself down

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You maybe know the situations in which you are feeling overwhelmed, like you’re head is exploding and you can’t help yelling or hitting something or somebody. Many times, the social rigors (being with an important client) or the special situations (dealing with children or people in need) obligate us to remain calm and not letting our feelings unfold.

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A delicious & nutritious snack – Lentil & Avocado Paste

Lentil & Avocado Paste

Author: Crys

I don’t know about you, but I genuinely love to grab a nutritious snack, especially on a very hectic day when I am running late, there are too many things that need to be done in a short time, I have no time for a proper lunch but still want to eat as healthy as possible.

As I hate to eat any junk food from the street, full of fat and salty as hell or, even worse, NOTHING, I told to myself one day that I could fix my own lunch for a day like that. Read the rest of this entry »


A few tips for an appetizing Hummus


Author: Crys

I have been trying to prepare “a-close-to-the-perfection” hummus for as long as I can recall it, but without success.

As we should know, Hummus is no longer considered as an exotic dish coming from the Middle East but a simple fix of the ingredients readily available to a modern day home cook. Read the rest of this entry »


What is Peter Pan Syndrome?

Peter Pan

You maybe know this type of man: physically grown up, but not able to grow into maturity, avoiding to take responsibility like a mature person. They are feeling well by exploiting this freedom of youth, they simply want to remain boys inside.  They remain unsuccessful at facing fears and responsibilities, and may also acquire other psychological disorders. It seems that people suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome have very low self-esteem, are unmotivated and feel depressed. They do not usually exhibit the self-confidence, motivation and determination that are keys for being successful. Read the rest of this entry »


Hair removal – why and how?

Hair removal is practiced all over the world, for several reasons: sexual, cultural, medical and even religious. It seems that people have been practicing this ritual for too many years now, to be more specific since Neolithic (the New Stone Age – about 10.000 BC). Waw!

The most common method of all is shaving, but this one is adjudicated by men. Hm, what’s new? We have to struggle with the painful methods, or do we?

As I said before, the most common method of all is shaving. No pain, but, no lasting effect, either! Read the rest of this entry »


10 reasons why someone would like to be a prisoner

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No 1 The society says it is ok so.

No 2 It is easier like this.

No 3 It feels good.

No 4 It gives you a sense of purpose in your life.

No 5 Your friends, family and acquaintances are also prisoners. Read the rest of this entry »


National library week! Free access between 13th April – 19th April 2014!

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Women and men, thirsty for knowledge! This week is the Open Access Week to all Oxford Press Online Products!

No registration required- simply use the credentials below!

Username: libraryweek
Password: libraryweek

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Really interesting jobs, which make people forget about money

Riding instructor

“I teach people to ride horses.  I get to spend my days working with young, and old people, who are all living their childhood dreams by riding the horses. “

Cab driver

“Driving a cab is awesome, I’m my own boss, do whatever I want, and I get to meet a bunch of interesting (and some uninteresting) people. In the weekends I drive drunk people to parties, out to bars and home again, which can be either really fun or really annoying (if they’re really loud, obnoxious, or in worst cases, throw up).”

Shop assistant

“I work at a store that sells “adult merchandise.” Read the rest of this entry »


A delicious & nutritious breakfast – My personalized Muesli


As you probably already know, breakfast is the most important fuel for the day.

Having breakfast every morning helps us to maintain a healthy weight and also to increase the brain function.

With that in mind, I would like to share with you today one of my favorite breakfast recipes. It is not a revolutionary one, but it is my own creation, and I have been having it for the past years.

As I am not an early bird, but still try to keep an close eye on my overall health as regular as possible, I have discovered this fast, delicious and healthy breakfast.

By choosing to have this personalized Muesli breakfast, you are in charge of your own health, and you will be repeatedly hearing that from me in the long run.

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“Take Your Health In Your Own Hands “ Does it easily work for all of us?

Author: Crys


The campaign “Take Your Health In Your Own Hands” seems to be one of the most fashionable topics these days. Although it is spread all over the Internet and Social Media, there are still lots of people struggling hopelessly with health and weight issues. You might be one of them, right? Well, don’t be ashamed to recognize it! That will be the first step in changing your lifestyle in the long run. I am neither a physician nor a specialist in nutrition. I was like you until I decided, some years ago, to learn more about “Health” and, therefore, I followed a fitness course for one year. It has helped me to open up to new ideas about nutrition and physical exercise in order to keep both, my mind and body, fit. However, my message to all of you is find your own way and rhythm in order to be healthier by adapting some of the advice mentioned below gradually to your lifestyle.

Here are some ideas worth to try: Read the rest of this entry »

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