Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Really interesting jobs, which make people forget about money

Riding instructor

“I teach people to ride horses.  I get to spend my days working with young, and old people, who are all living their childhood dreams by riding the horses. “

Cab driver

“Driving a cab is awesome, I’m my own boss, do whatever I want, and I get to meet a bunch of interesting (and some uninteresting) people. In the weekends I drive drunk people to parties, out to bars and home again, which can be either really fun or really annoying (if they’re really loud, obnoxious, or in worst cases, throw up).”

Shop assistant

“I work at a store that sells “adult merchandise.” Sex toys, lingerie, porn, condoms, lube, etc. I spend my days improving peoples’ lives and helping them be more comfortable with sex and their own sexuality. FUCK YEAH. Best job ever.”


“I’m a programmer, which is pretty much my dream job. My boss is extremely cool and laid back. I basically sit at my desk, work on work-related stuff for a couple hours a day, and then teach myself new technologies the rest of the time.”

Forest fire fighter

“I’m a forest fire fighter… I love my job! I get to fly around in helicopters fighting blazing forests, and stay in some of the remote areas of the world. Not only that, but imagine: fly-in, fishing for free, during work hours!”

Criminal defense lawyer

“I’m a criminal defense lawyer and I love my job. There’s a lot to love about it, but I think what I love most is feeling like, every day, I’m pushing the system towards justice, fairness, and equality, in a way that exemplifies the best of the criminal justice system and the values we as a society aspire towards.”

Speech language pathologist

“I’m a speech language pathologist who works in cognitive rehabilitation, improving attention, memory, organization/planning, and language impairments.  People come to me who have suffered brain damage of various types and strongly motivated to make functional improvements in their lives; my job is to help them figure out how. I get to be a teacher, therapist, clinician, and cheerleader all at the same time. And I get to watch most of my patients get better, both by increasing what they can accomplish and also by slowly accepting and adapting to the changes that have occurred.”

Pastry chef

“I’m a pastry chef! I love every minute of baking. I’ve worked in a restaurant, in a big hotel and now I work on my own. I loved all my jobs and feel totally satisfied spreading happiness with baked good!”


“I shoot action sports films. I travel around the world to amazing places to see people do amazing things. Then I get to come home, relax and reflect on everything while I edit. Then do it all again.”


“I’m an engineer. I work with cool people and get to solve puzzles all day. There is a relatively small amount of BS, I get paid well with a ton of benefits, have work that is interesting, coworkers that are helpful and bosses that stand up for me. I still don’t engineer things when I’m at home…but I think I have a pretty darn good thing going for work.”

Commercials director

“I direct commercials. It’s like a different mini movie every month. I wear what I like, anytime I want. I am rarely in an office. I meet interesting people every day. Sure there are drawbacks, but someone punch me if they ever catch me complaining.”

Floral designer

“I’m a floral designer, and I absolutely love it! I actually enjoy going to work everyday.”

Drama teacher

“I LOVE my job! I work at a drama school teaching little kids. Basically I get paid to joke around with children and let me tell you little kids that do drama have the BEST imaginations. A 7 year old the other day did an improvisation about finding out her fridge could walk, I wanted to cry it was so funny. On a serious note it’s amazing to watch children from so many different backgrounds grow in confidence and become more understanding with one another!”

What makes YOU forget about money? Please share it with us!


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