Saturday, April 13, 2024

Time travel

I sometimes wonder: what if time travel was possible? What would I do?

Would I be a simple observer or would I be the leading actress? Would I want to change things or would I simply want to relive things? Would I go forward or would I go back in time?

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I would travel through time only if I could relive the good moments, feel the deep feelings I once had. I wouldn’t change things. Too many paradoxes are lurking. I don’t want to be God or a mighty power. The only exception would be my children. I would go through time, fire or else in order to save them from an unjust, premature fatality. I would not care if the universe would be destroyed, reversed or else.

Otherwise, nobody has to travel in time in order to do good deeds. We can do those right now, right here. We can change our lives, our habits, our dreams as we wish. We only have no power over death, this is the only thing that we have to learn to accept.

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